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May 29, 2018

After the trials have been completed, it’s revealed the Quarl Swoogan is dead. It’s time to see how the Nebulous Knights as a whole deal with the death of one of their commanders. What does the party think of the nights now? What about Shamm’s plant friend? Is anything real anymore?

Nebulous Nights is a FATE based real play podcast. This is a Patreon game, and the players are supporters to this podcasts.

This Game Master for Nebulous Nights is Cody (@codedude3)
Playing BONESTAR is Jae (@jaehighfive)
Playing Mirage is Eli (@TheVikingBear__)
Playing Morg Thrakka is Mike (@tokkan)
Playing Zanthrop is Matthew (@matthewmmorris)
Playing Sham is Robert (@cyberegg89)

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