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Jun 26, 2020

Danger is less than helpful

This game's mustard is Alex (@happypuke), and Heroes are Obscurity (Shannon - @_puppyfish), Moara (James - @darthmoblo), Doctor Kingbird (Sofie - @wendigogodancer), Upsurge (Jesse - @Backfliphi5) and Cerulean Century (Freija - @Queenfreija)

Made possible from support from:

Tony Srimongkolkul,...

Jun 11, 2020

After hyperspeed drugdrones shoot up the first hockey game on Mars, Venusian crime syndicate The Cosmic Cabal reveals itself to Wayfarer to offer an apology. Will our conflicted crimefighters reluctantly accept the help of La Cosmo Nostra to strike back at The Rygor Corporation? Oh, and Gregg is the King of Mars now?