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May 25, 2021

Dark blades wants to join the team. Is there room for him on the squad? 

This game's mustard is Alex (@happypuke), and Heroes are Obscurity (Shannon - @_puppyfish), Moara (James - @darthmoblo), Doctor Kingbird (Sofie - @wendigogodancer), Upsurge (Jesse - @Backfliphi5) and Cerulean Century (Freija - @Queenfreija)


May 15, 2021

NEW LISTENER FRIENDLY! NEW STORY ARC! Somewhere buried in the underbelly of the Martain colony called Red Hills, there lies a deep sickness. Has the Church of the Father arrived to purify The Union of those sins or turn our heroes into ashen martyrs? Also, someone's building a casino on the moon.

Cast: Akita Yama -...

May 15, 2021

Curious about Weird Adventures in Space but not sure how to catch up? We've made it easy - give us seven minutes of your time and this recap will have you ALL ready for Weird Adventures #13!

May 2, 2021

The gang wakes up, with the help of a new friend. 

This game's mustard is Alex (@happypuke), and Villains are Trix (Ali - @aluminum_Iodide), Homophone (Phil - @canada_phillip), Henchman (John - @Noodzer) and Valley Girl (Steph - @StephOKingston)

Made possible from support from:

Tony Srimongkolkul, Tony S, Trish, Eli,...