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Dec 2, 2016

Clarity Belle is an audio drama taking place in the SHU universe. 


Narrator – Eddie Fisher @The_Next_LVL

Clarity Belle – Paige Lavoie @MrsPaigeLavoie 

Kira – Ali @Aluminum_Iodide

Megagauss – Maddie @PunslingerMaddy

Albedo – Matthew Morris @Matthewmmorris

Adrenaline – Alex Cater @Happypuke

Static –...

Jan 15, 2016

It's the first scripted piece from SHU!


The Paragons of Justice have not been together for some time. But everything comes back around. See what happens when a defunct super team gets back together. 



Alex Cater - Baron Von Heat, White Matter, Fish King, News Man, Reporter, Narrator  

Eddie Fisher - Lightspeed,...