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Aug 28, 2020

Mithral finds his way to a new adventure. 

This game's mustard is Alex (@happypuke), and Teens are Arthropod (Mathew - @MatthewMMorris), Elemancer (Maddie - @PunslingerMaddy), Mithral (Zak - @bioha7ard), Hex (Bailee - @Ironicadventure) Bear Knuckle (Case - @CaseAiken) and King Aurthor (Marc @Laughwithmarc)

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Aug 21, 2020

The satellite has an unexpected guest

This game's mustard is Alex (@happypuke), and Heroes are Obscurity (Shannon - @_puppyfish), Moara (James - @darthmoblo), Doctor Kingbird (Sofie - @wendigogodancer), Upsurge (Jesse - @Backfliphi5) and Cerulean Century (Freija - @Queenfreija)

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Aug 7, 2020

NEW STORYLINE! NEW LISTENER FRIENDLY! As tensions between The Rygor Corporation and space mafia The Cosmic Cabal boil over, Wayfarer and Lotus are dangerously stuck in the middle. Akita takes off on his ramshackle spaceship to intervene, leaving Sham to lead a professional hockey team to victory against a sinister force...