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Dec 2, 2016

Clarity Belle is an audio drama taking place in the SHU universe. 


Narrator – Eddie Fisher @The_Next_LVL

Clarity Belle – Paige Lavoie @MrsPaigeLavoie 

Kira – Ali @Aluminum_Iodide

Megagauss – Maddie @PunslingerMaddy

Albedo – Matthew Morris @Matthewmmorris

Adrenaline – Alex Cater @Happypuke

Static – Lorelai

Iron justice - Johnny Scott @SolventBubbles

Robattler - Cody @codedude3

Doctor – Shannon Cater @_puppyfish

News Caster - Teddy Yudain @tsyclops

Reporter - Liam Webster


Made possible from support from:

Johnny Scott, Philip Canada, Will, Brett Lairscey, Ashley, Maddie, Matthew, Tony, Dale, Nicole, and Jack