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Oct 30, 2021

Episode 18 - The 10895th Annual Planet X Deadly Arts Tournament NEW STORYLINE! NEW LISTENER FRIENDLY! BONUS-SIZED EPISODE!  Once per year, Planet X hosts a martial arts tournament to determine the best fighter in the Milky Way. The prize? A single wish. The stakes? Half of the tournament entries are supervillains, assassins and intergalactic crime bosses. Can the Union's resident barfighter superb Yama Akita lead a team of Martians to victory in these deadly games?  Cast: Akita Yama - Logan (@theninjathief) Arlu - Zach (@purplspacewitch) Xi - Marc (@laughwithmarc) Lotus - Bailee (@ironicadventure) Sham - Rob (@cyberegg89) and Wayfarer - Sofie G. (@wendigogodancer)

Hosted by: June (@opalandjuniper)

Made Possible with Support from:

Tony Srimongkolkul, Tony S, Trish, Eli, Mike, Matthew, Briar, Nicole, Maddie, Phil, Ashleh, Steph, Zak, Jack, Pamela, Jan, Cody, Michael, Robert, Leo, Ben C, Hunter, Ben A, Trans Fur Productions, Logan B, Zackary, Jesse, Case