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Apr 24, 2018

In Gampletropolis, the higher class of the Sector hangs out and gambles away it’s money. This is where product comes through that could provide any farmer a one way ticket to an early retirement. There are some individuals, that want to be on a fast track, just not to retirement.

Nebulous Nights is a FATE based real play podcast. This is a Patreon game, and the players are supporters to this podcasts.

This Game Master for Nebulous Nights is Jae (@jaehighfive)
Playing Marii Kalla is Ali (@@Aluminum_Iodide )
Playing Elesdee Visions is Bailee(@ironicadventure)
Playing Charming is Maddie(@punslingermaddie)
Playing Ray-Nathan Charles Ray is Will(@rollwill_)

Voicing the Nose is Sophie from Amberville City Heroes(@wendigogodancer)

Go check out emo Pope’s music at

Made possible from support from:

Tony, Trish, Eli, Mike, Matthew, Bailee, Nicole, Maddie, Phil, Ashleh, Steph, Zak, Jack, Pamela, Jan, Cody, Michael, Robert, Gwynn, Ben C, Hunter, Ben A