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Jan 16, 2019

Getting back to buisness, the crew boards the Carcass to head to a concert along with their fellow paw for hire, Akita, but finds a message on the ship waiting for them. Before this, Morg has his meeting with Groundwork to discuss the intricacies of the gods, and learn a bit more. With everything that has happened on Drai’noire, will some of the crew still stay, knowing they are now within the purview of some powerful beings?

Nebulous Nights is a FATE based real play podcast. This is a Patreon game, and the players are supporters to this podcast feed.

A majority of music used in Nebulous Nights is from Lapfox Trax, the Halley Labs R&D “selected research” which is released for use by the artist for anyone to use! Go check their other work at

Additional music in this episode is from

“Fu-Up-Jump” by Spectacular Sound Productions.

All rights are to their respective owners.

The Game Mayo for Nebulous Nights is Cody (@codedude3)
Playing BONESTAR is Jae (@jaehighfive)
Playing Mirage is Eli (@TheVikingBear__)
Playing Morg Thrakka is Mike (@tokkan)
Playing Sham is Robert (@cyberegg89)

Playing Akita is Logan (@theninjathief)

Guest for this episode:

Playing Gloria Galax & Visshaunian is Sofie (@wendigogodancer)

Made possible from support from:

Tony Srimongkolkul, Tony S, Trish, Eli, Mike, Matthew, Bailee, Nicole, Maddie, Phil, Ashleh, Steph, Zak, Jack, Pamela, Jan, Cody, Michael, Robert, Gwynn, Ben C, Hunter, Ben A, Trans Fur Productions, Logan B