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Sep 18, 2018

After getting back to Nebula Knights HQ, the crew immediately gets told that they need to head out again, right back to the same damn planet they just left. Apparently, they needed a way to get to this place, backwater planet, called Earth, and the only key to getting there is on Hexadari 5. Unfortunately now it’s going to be overrun with the Whitestar Battalion. Will the crew get back to the planet and be able to recover this tech? What else was left on the R&D planet? Does anyone know what the heck is going on?

Nebulous Nights is a FATE based real play podcast. This is a Patreon game, and the players are supporters to this podcasts.

A majority of music used in Nebulous Nights is from Lapfox Trax, the Halley Labs R&D “selected research” which is released for use by the artist for anyone to use! Go check their other work at

The Game Mayo for Nebulous Nights is Cody (@codedude3)
Playing BONESTAR is Jae (@jaehighfive)
Playing Mirage is Eli (@TheVikingBear__)
Playing Morg Thrakka is Mike (@tokkan)
Playing Sham is Robert (@cyberegg89)